All your activities guided by only the best training professionals. Enjoy our Racket, Swimming, Beach Volley and Taekwondo schools and join the most advanced training and guided programmes.

Racket School

Higuerón Sport Club is counting with sport facilities of the highest technical and official standards which, together to the impressive landscape that surrounds us, make each  training session a unique experience.

Thanks to this, Sport Club has become a reference at an international level, counting among others with 7 years of experience in  Padel Pro Tour, one of the most prestigious events in the paddle world.  Our Racket School has 1 tennis court and 9 paddle courts for specific training and for Mix-in and tournaments organization.

ADULTS (Groups 3/4 People)

Monday – Wednesday Tuesday – Thursday
Iniciation – 4th Category
2nd Category
3rd Category – 2nd Category
Initiation – 4th Category
4th Category – 3rd Category
3rd Category
Initiation – 2nd Category
Initiation – 2nd Category
4th Category – 3rd Category


Monday to Friday Saturday – Sunday
Kinder 5:00pm – 6:00pm
6:00pm – 7:00pm
10:00am – 11:00am
Children I 6:00pm – 7:30pm 11:00am – 12:30am
Children II 6:00pm – 7:30pm 11:00am – 12:30am

September to December 15.
January 15 to March 15.
March 15 to June 15.
For closed groups and private lessons, we can adapt the schedule you want.


1 day/week 2 days/week
School Member External Member External
(max. 4 students)
32 € 40 € 55 € 70 €
(max. 3 students)
40 € 50 € 75 € 95 €
(max. 3 students)
50 € 60 € 100 € 120 €
(max. 3 students)
60 € 70 € 120 € 140 €


Bonos 1 student 2 students 3/4 students
Member External Member External Member External
1 private class 25 € 32 € 30 € 38 € 40 € 50 €
4 private classes 100 € 120 € 110 € 130 € 125 € 150 €


1 day/week 2 days/week 3 days/week
Children Member External Member External Member External
3-6 years
(max. 6 students)
20 € 25 € 37 € 45 € 55 € 65 €
Children I
7-11 years
25 € 30 € 45 € 55 € 65 € 75 €
Children II
12-17 years
30 € 35 € 55 € 60 € 75 € 85 €

Children I & II: 90 minutes of training (Physical – Technical – Tactical)
Concentración de menores mensual gratis para students que vienen, mínimo, 2 días
Sports scholarships

Benjamin, Alevin, Infantil, Cadet and Junior.
Timetable: Friday from 16:30–20:30.
Physical + Technical / Tactical + Matches.
Snack included.

1 session: € 30.
4 sessions: € 100 (t-shirt as a gift).
8 sessions: € 180 (t-shirt and trousers as a gift).
12 sessions: € 250 (T-shirt, trousers and bag as a gift).
The sessions can be redeemed in any quarter of the season.

September 15 to December 15.
January 15 to March 15.
March 15 to June 15.
Upcoming Intensive Campuses / technification of:
Christmas, White Week, Holy Week, Summer, Preparation of the Spanish Championship.

Swimming School

Higuerón Sport Club is counting with sport facilities of the highest technical and official standards which, together to the impressive landscape that surrounds us, make each  training session a unique experience.

Our swimming schools is based on a multidisciplinary concept of training to enjoy all-levels programmes for professionals and amateurs alike.

From 1 year to 2 and from 2 onwards.
We work on adaptation and setting to the aquatic environment with the help of daddies, the introduction to swimming is highly recommended at this early age, since it is one of the sports pacos where you can enter at this age and enjoy it in a big way.

In Level 0 WE ADVANCE alone without the help of the parents, in the basic movements of swimming: propulsion, stability in the material and balance, flotation and immersion.

In Level I WE ADD more technical movements such as the incorporation of the arm of croll, back and breasts its kicks and breathing.

In Level II WE UPLOAD the level polishing technical defects not favorable for a correct execution, we add meters swimming the three most important styles that we learn in this school.

We seek to perfect styles and add the most difficult that is the butterfly style. We increase the performance and training of our students and teach them to read exercise tables working a more technical vocabulary.
We incorporate the turns and exits.

We search among the different demands of our students (injuries, discomfort, maintenance) to adapt a personalized training that is satisfactory.
We learn to swim from the start, such as maintenance for various injuries, improve technique or simply enjoy the water.

We work in the aquatic environment all the needs of the future mother (pelvic floor, flexibility, joint movement) favored by the absence of gravity, it is a highly recommended class in a relaxed and warm environment.

2 days/week: €50. Member: Free for Gold Sport and Platinum members.

Adults Swimming
2 days/week: €55. Members €45.
Natación Adulto + Nado Libre: 60€. Abonado: Incluido en cuota.

Natación Competición
2 días/semana: 60€. Abonado: 50€.

Natación Niños
1 día/semana: 30€. Abonado: 25€.
2 días/semana: 55€. Abonado: 45€.

Natación para Embarazadas
1 día/semana: 30€. Abonado: 30€.

Beach Volley School

Our facilities have an exclusive sand sports area of 4000 m²,
planned for a grandstand that can hold up to 700 people.
The different configurations in sand pit with regulatory measures are:

4 beach volley courts.
3 beach handball courts.
4 beach tennis courts.
1 beach soccer field.

All of them presenting the highest technical and official standards:
Sprinkler irrigation, shower next to the courts, complete equipment of training, light with projectors.

The school aims to be the reference center where young and old learn and practice the sport of beach volleyball, in a playful way, improving their physical and technical / tactical training.

Preparation of Mixing tournaments, which can be attended by both school players and different clubs in the province, to enter the world of competition, fun and implementation of the progress made in training. It is intended to develop a calendar of tournaments that will be held on Saturdays in which they have not organized tournaments on other beaches in the area. We calculate one tournament per month, with affordable prices and good prizes.

Realization of an internal league, with couples from all over the province, in which a score will be acquired according to the attendance at the matches and matches won and at the end of the league prizes will be given to the first classified.

Realization of tournaments of greater scope, like some championship of Andalusia, both in its provincial and regional phase.

Realization of a night tournament in summer, with dinner charged. Serve as an example starting at ten o’clock at night.

One of the ideas of the club is to create a summer camp (July and August) for children and young people, in which a series of recreational activities will be carried out: swimming pool, English, crafts, etc., in combination with physical, technical and Beach volleyball tactician. At the end of the camp you could have a big farewell party with a tournament and night party, music and dance directed, for the enjoyment of the students.

1.- Children under 15 approx.
Initiation, intermediate and advanced.

2.- Greater than 15 approx.
Initiation, intermediate and advanced.

Taekwondo School

Higuerón Sport Club offers classes in Taekwondo, a modern Korean martial art. Taekwondo stands out for the variety and spectacular nature of its kicking techniques and it is one of the best known and most effective martial arts in the world.

Many studies have revealed that people who exercise in a sporting discipline, throughout their lives, have fewer risks of obesity, the development of chronic diseases, among other conditions that affect physical, mental and emotional health.

Monday and Wednesday
from 5:30 to 6:30 pm, for all ages.

Pilates Studio Higuerón Resort by Begoña Pedraza

Pilates Studio Higuerón by Begoña Pedraza is a space where Body, mind and spirit find a perfect balance in an incomparable setting.

Whatever your reason for practicing Pilates; spine pathologies, sports injury, joint pain, being in shape etc., you will discover that Pilates is the best Training System to have a better body awareness and control of our body.

Now is your time; let us take care of you …

Begoña Pedraza

  • Second Generation Teacher Certified by Lolita San Miguel with the PMMP.
  • International Peak Pilates Master Trainer, USA 2005. Teacher trainer level III.
  • Certified by Polestar Education (USA) in Mat and Studio.
  • PMA Certified (CPT) .Peak Trainer. USA 2004.
  • Presenter at PIlates International Congresses.
  • Personal Trainer with 30 years of experience specialized in new training trends and special Populations.
  • Specialized in Spine Pathologies, Seniors and Padel.

This technique was developed more than eighty years ago by the German Joseph Humbertus Pilates and consists of a system of movements focused on improving the flexibility and strength of the entire body without increasing its volume. More than a physical training, the Pilates method uses a series of beneficial exercises for the Mind-Body connection. The Pilates method integrates western and eastern techniques and relates the practice of specific exercises connecting with efficient breathing.

Joseph Pilates designed more than 100 exercises to be practiced with a mat (MAT) or with specific devices (REFORMER, CADILLAC, CHAIR, BARREL). All the devices were invented to help or challenge the work of the floor with the mat through springs that offer assistance and resistance at the same time.

• Pilates improves posture and joint mobility, achieving a harmony between body and mind and better body awareness.
• Effective recovery in any spinal pathology.
• Strengthens the deep muscles that support the spine.
• Improves flexibility, balance and alignment of the body.
• Increases concentration and attention, reducing anxiety and stress.
• Tones the abdomen, buttocks and back without increasing muscle volume.
• It improves our respiratory capacity.
• Prevents injuries by improving the sports gesture in professional athletes.

The Pilates Studio is divided into three rooms: Two spacious rooms where we offer groups of maximum 5 people and a Personal Training room with all Pilates equipment.

We have all the Classic Pilates equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel, Spine Corrector as well as small material: Powercircle, Foam Roller, Softball etc.

Classic Pilates is a sequence of exercises originally designed by Joseph Pilates adapting it to the needs of each student.

The groups are organized by levels and Pilates experience, always offering a free assessment class.

Pilates Studio Reserva del Higuerón is directed by Begoña Muñoz Pedraza with 30 years of experience in the Fitness and Pilates sector.

Our Instructors are formed by Peak Pilates (USA), a Classical Pilates Training School with International Certification.


  • Personal training.
  • Pilates Duo.
  • Pilates Machines group max. 5pax (2 times a week).
  • Pilates Machines group max 5pax (3 times a week).


  • Classic Pilates.
  • Pilates and Spinal Pathologies. Sports injuries.
  • Pilates and special populations: Seniors, Osteoporosis etc.
  • Pilates and sports performance: Paddle, Golf etc.
  • Tutoring for Pilates teachers.
  • Official Peak Pilates Training Center in Andalusia.
  • Continuous training seminars.
  • Exclusive events for companies.